Fixed in face book but not ipad



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    Catherine Usina

    Here is the response I received from Songpop:


    Ingrid Gaitan (SongPop 2)

    Jun 27, 15:37 EDT


    In an effort to improve your gameplay experience we have decided to remove the option to adjust Fastplay setting. Unfortunately it was creating issues which couldn't be fix without affecting another part of the game. I apologize for any inconvenience and thank you writing in.

    Your friends at SongPop,
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    It worked on my laptop on my Facebook account, there are no fast play buttons on the iPad app. Can’t open through face book because adobe doesnt work, I thought they said they were changing it back. I cannot play this game like this. It drives me crazy. Paid member, going to wait a while, hoping they put it back,,if not I will unfortunately leave. I don’t know why things always have to be ruined

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