Missing opponent and sudden wam_number opponent appears



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    Di L (Edited )

    Omg!!!! Same thing happened to me last week!! I think i only lost one player but she was a long term favourite! I nudged this 'wam' player but they didnt play and within 24hrs it just said 'their turn' again. I eventually deleted them and they then appeared in my 'previous opponents' list saying the standard line that i could re-challenge in 7 days. Its only been 2 days so far. i managed to get player history only by selecting 'stats' now that i deleted them and the info is same as the player i thought I'd lost! But now I cant chat. I thought my player had just changed her whole profile and had been reset or something but now i know i'm not the only one it's happened to! I'm devo cos i searched for my 'lost' opponent but no luck. Don't know what we can do about it. So p'd off...

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    Di L

    Apparently it simply means they deleted their entire profile. Thats all๐Ÿ˜ž

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