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  • What is with all the spam in this forum

    So this forum is essentially useless.  Nobody with any actual authority within the game ever responds, but that's okay, it's about the community.  But then you get the spam responses.  I've never b...

  • Can't play on multiple devices

    Typically I have played the game on my tablet and my PC simultaneously.  This is not a cheating method, to the contrary, I lose 99% of games sent to me.  I don't care about wins and losses, I play ...

  • Desktop version messed up

    Not sure what's going on with it.  I play on my PC with the desktop version from the Microsoft store.  I am currently only able to play one playlist and if I try to choose something else or even lo...

  • Lost most of my favorited playlists

    Went into my fav'd playlists and 3 or 4 dozen of them have disappeared.  These are just ones that I have clicked fav for and forgotten about, I haven't played them in months/years.  I just click fa...

  • When do we get party mode back?

    It says in the Songpop group as well as right on the app in the store that "you have listened to us and will be restoring the Party tab"  But it's still not there.  I've updated the app, I even uni...

  • No more access to Party Mode

    I knew this was coming but am highly annoyed now that the day is here.  I play on my PC and you have now removed the party tab so I can't get into any parties.  Even if I were willing to download t...

  • The Tragically Hip

  • The Tragically Hip

  • Well that's the most annoying pop up ever

    VIP DOES NOT INTEREST ME!  Get it through your skulls.  On top of it offering nothing worthwhile, if I were to get vip, I would master all interesting playlist within a month and I would have no fu...

  • Another impossible mission

    There was so much outrage and anger at the last impossible mission that you decided to go ahead and make another one.  Once again, YES, I understand that the mission is not literally impossible.  O...