missing bonus options on Jan. Missions


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    Well said.  I'm shocked you could get that much in without having your post banished to "pending approval" purgatory.

    I'm certainly annoyed that they did this but at the same time, I could not care less.  So a useless badge is now harder for me to get / un-attainable?  Whatever.  Once upon a time I considered buying VIP or just abandoning the game altogether, but I realized that the overall PVP gameplay is not affected which is the reason I started playing in the first place.  I keep playing because I enjoy the PVP, and my goal is to master playlists.  Having it harder to master lists is actually a good thing, if it were faster, I would have all playlists that interest me mastered already and I would have no motivation to keep playing.  

    Try not to let these useless carrots on a stick distract you from what is an otherwise enjoyable game.

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