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    analeigh aal

    bestie they don't have enough songs for that 🤭 unless you include the jp versions

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    Elisa Rosa (Edited )

    Bestie I don't think there's a minimum of songs required to add an artist playlist <3 and even if there is, they surely have enough. They have more than 14 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 293rd in the world & they are the most famous female K-Pop group in the world, which I think is enough to let them have their own playlist. About the number of their songs, don't forget about Jennie's solo and Rosé's, that can be added to the playlist, plus their collabs (Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa exc). 🥰

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    analeigh aal

    No hate bestie, I like them too. All I'm saying is you need more than 30 songs so you can unlock new songs when you complete a mastery note. Hopefully one day the girls will be let out of YG's dungeon. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Elisa Rosa

    Good to know bestie, by the way we have:

    Ice Cream
    Pretty Savage
    Bet You Wanna
    Lovesick Girls
    Crazy over you
    Love to hate me
    You never know

    Kill this love
    Don't know what to do
    Kick it
    Hope not
    DDDD - remix
    As if it's your last
    Sour candy
    Playing with fire
    Whistle - acoustic version

    Forever young
    See you later
    Solo - jennie
    Gone - rosé
    On the ground - rosé
    Kiss and make up

    which are 27 songs already, plus there are many live performances of the songs that can be added to the playlist so we can reach more than 30 songs 🥰🥰

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