How can I lose this game?



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    Gary (Edited )

    Approx left answer

    Approx right answer

    These are approx but close enough.  You lost because 5th correct answer has large time based bonus.  Be quick on the 5th song. A 2.7s answer on 5th would have won you game at 18129

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    Each track has same sliding scale base score dependant on time.

    Add applicable bonus for each track.

    1st correct answer has no bonus.

    2nd & 3rd correct answer "in a row" have 400 bonus.

    4th correct answer "in a row" has 800 bonus.

    5th correct answer "in a row" has large sliding scale bonus dependant on time.

    Tally base score plus bonus for each track then tally track scores for game total.

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