Not getting daily bonus reward screen



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    Gudrun Kalmbacher

    Dear sirs,

    since I installed the songpop app the day before yesterday on my iphone, I also get no daily bonus on my laptop. When I looked at my mobile phone, there came the daily bonus. Now I should pay 1.09 euros, so that the login is not interrupted. I mean, if I offer that then it should be on the laptop as well as on the phone. So far, it has worked great. Now everything is gone. If I do not get the login chain again, I will not play the game anymore. It excites me that I even installed it on my mobile phone.


    Best regards



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    Nastasia Pantelidou

    Same happened to me.  I had no idea why there's no daily bonus when I play on my pc. Thanks for the tip. I've just threw away songpop out of my iphone, I couldn;t play properly on that screen anyhow. Now I hope daily bonus comes back. If not ...goodbye.. :) :)

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