How does re-challenge work?



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    aaronasu21 (Edited )

    I just found out that when your opponent deletes your game you have to click on the X to archive the game if you don't it's like you're still playing them. Then you go and select new game, and on the new game page you will see a link to see privious opponents, when you click on one it will restart the seven days but it will work in order to re-challenge an opponent.

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    Rich Kelley

    Thanks, Aaron! That's a major breakthrough! How did you find that out? I just "x-ed" the players who had deleted me and I see by looking at Previous Opponents that it looks like the 7-day clock has just started for them, even though in some cases they had deleted me quite some time ago. Thank you for this discovery. I had submitted this as a question to SongPop support weeks ago and have yet to receive a solution. I'll report back to this thread seven days from now if I succeed in making a re-challenge happen. 

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    I just clicked the x and want back to other opponents from months ago and the challenge button was highlighted again.

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