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    1. Check Duolingo's Social Media: Follow Duolingo's official social media accounts (such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to stay updated on any promotional offers or giveaways they may announce.

    2. Join Duolingo Events: Occasionally, Duolingo hosts events or contests where they may distribute promo codes to participants or winners. Keep an eye out for any such events on their website or social media.

    3. Sign Up for Duolingo Newsletters: Subscribe to Duolingo's newsletters to receive updates about new features, promotions, and any available promo codes.

    4. Participate in Duolingo Language Challenges: Duolingo sometimes runs language challenges that reward users with special perks, and promo codes might be part of these rewards.

    5. Partner Deals: Duolingo may collaborate with other companies or organizations to offer promotional deals that guide promo codes.

    6. Community Forums: Keep an eye on Duolingo's community forums where users may share information about ongoing promotions and codes they have come across.

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