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    Jennifer Lowrence (Edited )

    To view the playlists you have and their levels in both SongPop and SongPop Classic, you can follow these steps:

    1. Open the SongPop or SongPop Classic application and log in to your account.

    2. Once you're logged in, you should be on the main screen or home page of the app.

    3. Look for a section or tab that is dedicated to your playlists or collections. It may be labeled as "My Playlists," "Your Collection," or something similar. Click on that section to access your playlists.

    4. In the playlists section, you should see a list of all the playlists you have collected or unlocked. The playlists may be displayed as tiles, icons, or in a list format.

    5. Look for information or indicators that show the levels of the playlists. The levels are usually represented by stars, numbers, or some other visual representation. The higher the number of stars or the higher the number displayed, the higher the level of the playlist.

    6. You can click on a playlist to view more details about it, including its level and any available information or options for that playlist. 

    7. To continue playing a specific playlist instead of new ones, look for a "Play" or "Start" button or option associated with the playlist. Click on that button to begin playing the playlist. Double Hit in Pickleball

    8. If you want to focus on achieving mastery in a playlist, you can keep playing that playlist repeatedly. The more you play a playlist, the better you will become and the higher your mastery level will be.

    It's worth noting that the exact steps and interface may vary slightly between SongPop and SongPop Classic versions, so the labels and locations of certain features may differ. However, the general idea of accessing your playlists and viewing their levels should remain consistent. If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions about the app

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  • Thank you Jennifer you explained that wonderfully!
    Now I can find the playlists closest to mastery and stop messing with others

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    Usman Ali

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