Sp2? U should at least address this query..



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    Reney (Edited )

    Oh and also, should i anticipate a noticeable influx in my game losses from here on out...?
    You know what i mean, of course.


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    Gary (Edited )

    Reney I'm a player just like you but also I am one of the few people who answer posts on here.  You are in the Discussion Forum for SongPop 2 and over the years I have NEVER seen anybody from SongPop post an official answer to questions, so I doubt very much you will get the response you are looking for.

    That player you have with exact same stats and music etc will also have 86% compatibility, nudge you when you ignore them, not respond to chat messages and probably shows location as New York.  We all have them and they are generated by the system I believe to prime it.  They don't cause any problem as far as I know.  When you play your first game they are probably your first opponent, its too long ago for me to remember.  The New York location coincidently is also the home of Fresh Planet makers of SongPop. 

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