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    Gary (Edited )

    Hi, next to your profile settings is your privacy settings.  The online indicator can be set to on or off.  If their's is set to "on" the "offline 7 days" should be accurate.  If its set "off" then the "offline 7 days" won't be accurate and they can play in invisible mode.  Obviously you can't change how they set their own privacy but that's how it works.  Majority of players are real but some are "bots" (robots or computer generated).  Usually at least one of your opponents will be a "bot", check who is displaying their location as NY or New York (common for a bot), send them a message and see if they reply, bots don't reply but no guarantee a person will either.  No reason to delete opponent if they are a bot.  Regarding Apps there are a lot of different ways to play this game on different devices, some I am not familiar with as in Apps.  You may not be aware that any replies you get in this forum are from other players, usually "Kermit" or myself.  Haven't yet seen anyone get an official SongPop response here.  Some questions you will have to lodge as support request to get an official answer.

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