People who spoil it for genuine players


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    Hi yes there are some very greedy people who refuse to allow anyone else to have a chance, case in point "Blues" party, what a joke.  However I can tell you that you are wrong about scoring over 300,000.  It is achievable, I know this for a fact because I've done it and not spent 1 cent buying tickets or powerups.  My first try at winning a party I scored 330,000 and for that effort I came 2nd and didn't win because I ran out of powerups and the winner didn't.  The rotten thing about it is without the powerups they could not have beaten me.  So currently I have over 400 tickets and if I play my best genre, where I rarely lose, I would average 1500 a game without powerups and therefore have a possible score of 600,000.  So it just takes patience to save the tickets but don't forget to also save powerups.


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