How do I level up (add stars) my badge?




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    I won the mixtape badge a few months ago and then on 7-31-16 I won another mixtape party game but I did not receive a 2nd star

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    Wanda A

    hello, I won the 70's badge more then 4 times, however I believe it was my 1st one, you can look it has 1 stuck, never had the option to upgrade, now it's a badge with 1, skipped 1 and then another with 3, they never merged. Also the top hits one did the same thing?? I spend a lot of MY OWN money on these parties...PLEASE, I'm begging you, fix these two badges as I worked hard for them...into the 400,000 points?! you can see how the rest went along the way it should be n as explained above, these two did NOT do what they were supposed to do. again, PLEASE FIX THIS....thank you. Wanda A

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