How does Daily Bonus work?




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    Jennifer Rae

    Want to ask about making my account with daily points back to normal - there was misconceptions about points and I missed a day (rarely do I ) I missed a daily point n my account w paying was messed
    At that point n declined not knowing the outcome -
    My account is
    Now and you can take the 99cents to bring me to normal

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    Well I do know that I have missed 1 day and I was offered a free revive then I missed 3 days in a row due to my father passing away and I was asked to pay $4.99 I did bc I'm like 9 months in way past the 6 months bc it stopped there and I wasn't starting over but that was kinda messed up I thought it would be .99 like I've obviously had to do before bc of something coming up and I couldn't check in... thanks I love this game I'm definitely addicted! 🎶🎶✅✅

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    Diego Ramírez Verdugo

    Hello. I wan t to know what can I do about an issue I've just got on Songpop. I paid for revive in the daily bonus, because I skipped a day. I paid twice and the game said "Game's error". And well, I lost the 6 months enhancer and also the money.

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    Darlene MacGowan Allen

    I make sure that I log in every day so that I do not lose my streak bonus. I played 18 hours ago & when I just logged on it says that I have missed a day. That is impossible. Could you please look into this for me?

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    Cindy Myerly

    I had phone issues and missed checking into the daily bonus. I paid to have it reinstated but it put me back to day 1 again.


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    Jennifer Rae

    How do ensure my steak if I go on a cruise that doesn't have internet option at sea ? Is there a way to guard my streak ?

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    Eric Gray Jr.

    Same question as Darlene above. I've been charged 4.99 multiple times for "missing a day" and I know it wasn't more than 24 hours since I last logged in.

    I'd like a report of my login times and days, as recorded by the game, and want refunds on any charges that were within a 24 hour period.

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    I no longer receive my daily bonus. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Ivan Geremia

    I haven't miss my daily bonus playing every day... Today you ask me to pay 1.09€ to revive... WAT??? i haven't interrupt my hot streak! Are you trying to stole my money?

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    Paul Velarde

    I've been playing each and every day and was working on my streak to get back up and it says I've missed a day and is making me start ask over from day 1. Why is it doing this and how do i get my progress back without having to pay since i didn't miss any days?!?!

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