How do I re-download SongPop Plus from the Apple App Store?




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    I do not have an iPhone so this doesn't help me. I went back and redownloaded song pop 1, but the songs overlap one another and I cannot play correctly. This is unacceptable.

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    Magda AR

    I play in a android phone, not an iPhone anymore. This is just for app store. Any way to make it in a moto g phone? It's really anoying see ads after every challenge :(

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    Meghann Murphy

    I'm basically making the same comment as several other people in regards to not having an iPhone. I have two Android phones because I personally prefer Android over an iPhone. I used to play the original SongPop regularly until this past year when it stopped working on all Android phones. I actually liked the original SongPop app more than the new one so I miss it. Do you have any plans on making the old app available to Android users anytime soon? 😢

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    Gail Yochum

    I am having problems getting on to song pop with my iPad ,the note just jumps and does not connect to the game . The only way I can play is if I click on a notification if I am on my iPad 

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    Why doesn't finish loading? Upon entering this SongPop2 loading and it doesn't load, help!😭
    I already deleted it and I went to download it, but it remains the same! Not let me enter :(

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